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How do I know if my seatpost is compatible?
Does the SwitchGrade work with all saddles?
Will the SwitchGrade add to Stack Height?
What is your warranty policy?
What is your return policy?
Do you ship internationally?

SwitchGrades are compatible with a wide range of seatposts and saddles, however it is virtually impossible to maintain an updated list of all compatible combinations. Please refer to the Dropper Seatpost Compatibility Guide to see if your seatpost is compatible.

When placing an order, be sure to SELECT THE CORRECT "TYPE" noted in the Type column as this will advise our team which version of the SwitchGrade to send to you.

The current version of the SwitchGrade is designed to work with saddles featuring 7mm tubular rails. SwitchGrades will NOT work with saddles featuring 9mm rails or oval rails. We do not recommend using the current version of the SwitchGrade with saddles featuring carbon rails.

Yes, the SwitchGrade will add around 5-10mm of stack height to your post. That change in height, however, highlights one of the most prolific features of the SwitchGrade - something we call "Functional Drop".

Functional Drop refers to the height difference between the saddle when locked in its default 'flat' or level position, vs when the saddle is tilted nose-down for climbing, or nose-up for descending.

The SwitchGrade provides roughly 40mm of height adjustment or "Functional Drop".

See a simple video posted on Instagram about this very topic.

The advantages provided by Functional Drop include:

- allows for use of shorter seatposts to accommodate bikes with interrupted seat tubes.
- moves rider forward and up when locked into climb mode, bar none best position for incline grades. Especially helpful for tall riders who struggle to stay forward
- creates ample room when locked into descend mode.
- addresses problems posed by bike’s with tall or short seat tubes by allowing the use of shorter (or taller) dropper posts and no loss of travel, gained by “functional travel”
- addresses problem posed by dropper posts with high stack height - no need to worry, just tilt rear down and go!


SwitchGrades come with a 1 year warranty covering manufacturer's defects, not including regular wear and tear from normal use, or damage caused by neglect, improper use, or incorrect installation. Aenomaly will decide, at its sole discretion, what constitutes neglect, improper use or installation.

Warranty is only valid for the original Purchaser. Proof of purchase is required.


If you damage a product due to a crash or other ride-related mishap, you may be eligible for a 50% crash replacement for the damaged part or product as a whole. Be sure to contact us to determine full extent of support. We want you to be happy, riding as you should.

All Warranty related issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Aenomaly Constructs will accept returns for unused products in their original packaging within 30 days of receipt of the item.

Yes. We use the following service providers for shipping:

Canada - Canada Post


International - DHL

All shipped products will feature tracking to ensure safe and accountable arrival to their intended destinations.

Global Shipping

We ship worldwide! US via USPS, Canada via Canada Post, and internationally via DHL. All shipped items will come with tracking.

Environmentally Friendly

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste by using environmentally friendly materials where possible. All shipped goods will come in compact kraft boxes featuring soy-based ink.

Pay Your Way

We accept several methods of payment including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.