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SWITCHGRADE™ A game changing new bike component that lets you control your bike's saddle angle and position on the fly to make climbing easier, descending safer, and long distances shorter.


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Get ready for a ride revelation

The SwitchGrade is a game-changing new bike component that lets riders change their saddle angle, effective seat tube angle, and offset on the fly! Bolt onto your favorite dropper post of fixed seatpost. Tilt the back up for more saddle height and a steeper seat angle to crush climbs with ease and in total comfort. Then rotate the saddle out of the way for more clearance and control on descents.

/ 3 index positions optimized for climbing, descending, and undulating terrain

/ Compatible with a wide range of leading two-bolt style seatposts

/ Steepens effective seat angle by greater than 1 degree in climb setting

/ Climb setting provides approx. 20mm additional height and 10mm forward offset

/ Downhill setting lowers effective saddle drop approx. 30mm

/ CNC machined from aerospace grade 7075 T6 and 6061 T6 aluminum

/ Weight: 170 grams

/ Made in Canada and assembled by hand

Steepen Seat Angle on Demand | Raise Rear for Climbing Support | Keep the Front Wheel Down | Say Goodbye to Back and Groin Related Pain

Make Climbs Suck Less

Tilt the saddle nose down to level climbs.

Mash Up

Finally, a climb switch that actually works! The SwitchGrade puts you right where you need to be for powerful, efficient and pain-free climbing. Load the front wheel down, boost rear traction, and keep suspension sag in check. Drop the hammer and spin baby. Spin.

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Tilt the rear of the saddle down for gobs more clearance.

Smash Down

There's nothing worse than dropping into a gnarly chute only to get hung up on your saddle on entry or exit amirite? Make sure it never happens again.

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Level saddle position for flat out performance and comfort.

Span Distances

60 miles of flattish earth threatening morale (and sit bones, crown jewels, knees or back)? We got your backside. Monstrous climb up ahead? Got you there too. Strap the saddle bags, load the panniers, and hit the road.

We're all created equal. Sorta.

Solve Geometry Problems (no math required)

Not enough drop length, short seat tube, long seat tube, long legs, short arms, slack seat tube angle, interrupted seat tube... We all face a myriad of challenges and while you or your bike may have 99 problems, a SwitchGrade ain't one.

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SwitchGrades are compatible with a wide range of dropper posts and fixed seatposts, featuring a unique patent-pending design engineered to accommodate long, mid, and short posthead styles.

Designed from the get-go to be compatible with the most popular OEM and aftermarket seatposts including:

- OneUp Components (V2 and V1)

- Fox Transfer (2021 and 2019 model)

- Rockshox Reverb Stealth

- PNW Loam

- X Fusion Manic

- SDG Tellis

- Bontrager Drop Line

- Many more...

Be sure to check the Compatibility Guide to ensure your seatpost is compatible with a SwitchGrade.

SwitchGrade Saddle Angle Technology is Starting To Make Noise

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How to Unlock your Dropper Post's Full Potential

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No More Compromises

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