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SWITCHGRADE™ A game-changing new bike component that lets you change your saddle angle on the fly so you can climb easier, get rowdy on descents, and span distances in comfort.

Paul Aston goes in deep.

Questions & Answers

Ease Up. Throw Down.

Get Ready for a Ride Revelation. No More Compromises.

The SwitchGrade is a game-changing new bike component that lets riders change their saddle angle, effective seat tube angle, and offset on the fly. Bolt onto your favorite dropper post or fixed seatpost. Tilt the back up for more saddle height and a steeper seat angle to crush climbs with ease and in total comfort. Then rotate the saddle out of the way for more clearance and control on descents.

// 3 positions for optimized climbing, descending, and flat or undulating terrain

// Compatible with a wide range of market-leading seatposts (Oneup, Bike Yoke, Fox, Reverb, PNW, SDG, KS, and more)

// Steepens effective seat angle by >1 degree in climb setting

// Climb setting provides approx. 20mm additional height and 10mm forward offset

// Downhill setting lowers effective saddle drop approx. 30mm

// CNC machined from aerospace grade 7075 T6 and 6061 T6 aluminum

// Weight: 170 grams (net gain only approx. 100 g because SwitchGrade replaces stock rail clamps which average 60-70 g)

// Designed on the North Shore, machined in Whistler, assembled by hand in Vancouver. A true product of our environment

// Patents Pending

Top 10 Reasons to SwitchGrade

1. Increase efficiency and comfort when climbing by pedaling with opened torso and hip angles and ample support

2. Tilt the saddle out of the way for descending to save your privates and steer with precision

3. Reduce low back pain by riding in an upright, straight-back position

4. Reduce groin discomfort and numbing because adjustable saddle tilt relieves pressure on perineum and ischial tuberosity (sit bones)

5. Eliminate wrist and shoulder strain from too-steep seat tube angles

6. Prevent front wheel lifts when climbing

7. Stop sliding off rear of saddle when climbing

8. Increase rear wheel traction when climbing

9. More room to maneuver when descending or jumping

10. Win enduro races and buddy bragging rights. Tilt down for climbing to save energy, tilt up when descending for more room

11. Pain-free climbing for female riders - no longer need to sit on the saddle nose

12. Relief for taller riders - stop moving further back over the rear axle and slackening effective seat angle

13. More clearance for shorter riders - add more clearance between rider and saddle when descending

14. Make slack seat tube angles steeper (when needed) - make older and slack STA bikes better climbers

15. Climb e-MTBs on really steep slopes and stay seated - zero wheelies

16. 3 bikes in one - goat climber, hard charging enduro, bikepacking camel at the flick of a switch

17. Fix "bad climbing bike" traits like low anti-squat, outdated suspension design, bobbing, and slack seat tube angle

18. Gives bike manufacturers one less geometry to design around. SwitchGrade takes care of cockpit related angles

19. DH-style saddle tilt makes your bike look dope in photos

20. Variable positions means long-distance comfort for bikepacking, adventure touring, and ultra endurance events

21. Use your own seatpost and saddle

Expert Opinions

“I’ve been riding the SwitchGrade for couple weeks now, and I simply love it. Having the ability to get a proper seat positions for climbing and descending is a game changer, it’s a product I’ll use all the time on all my bikes 🤘” - Yoann Barelli, Professional Freerider, Proprietor, Into The Gnar Progression Team

“Tried it last night for first time! Amazing in climbing, flat, and descending mode!! So good!! Easy to Switch, solid, and good angles! I will need to use one of these forever now! Ha ha Well done sir!! Everyone should have these!!” - Brett Tippie, Professional Freerider, Proprietor Brett Tippie Podcast

"After spending a few long days in the saddle with SwitchGrade installed, I can definitely say that the benefits are noticeable. From a biomechanics perspective, the forward tilted position definitely creates a more anteriorly rotated pelvis in the seated position. That's anatomy speak for better lower back posture, and better power transfer during seated, steep climbs. From a shredding perspective, the rearward tilt gives you a noticeably increased standover height over your dropped saddle for full send, downhill procedures. I can't wait to get more time on the bike with Switchgrade aboard." - Dr. Josh Harris DPT, Osteopractic, MTBer, Owner, Somercycle Bike Shop

"When riding up a steep slope, a traditionally neutral saddle tilt will cause the pelvis to tilt posteriorly. This has a number of implications, both above and below the level of the hip. In addition to over-lengthening and stressing muscles of the lumbar spine, an aggressive posterior pelvic tilt alters the position of the hip joint relative to other structures in the body. This changes the leverage capabilities of the hip and surrounding muscles, particularly in regards to hip extension. Excessive posterior pelvic tilt also has a negative impact upon quadriceps muscle recruitment, and has the potential to affect the degree of terminal knee extension during pedal stroke. What this boils down to is both an uncomfortable and inefficient riding position. A negative saddle tilt, such as that provided by the SwitchGrade, helps mitigate this change in pelvic tilt during steep, seated climbing." - Dr. Adam Phaneuf, Professional Bike Fitter, Owner, Apex Chiropractic and Rehab

"As a coach who is always looking for ways to help riders feel more comfortable on the bike, I saw immediately how this could keep pressure off their sensitive under-bits for those long steep climbs. After riding on the Switchgrade I was surprised by how much I missed it when riding on my bikes without one. It made my normal saddle position I've been riding for 20yrs feel like it was pointing straight up when climbing. I plan to introduce a lot of new people to the Switchgrade and to make sure all my bikes have one on it."- Harlan Price, Level II PMBIA Instructor, Owner/Head Coach, Take Aim Cycling

Watch the the SwitchGrade in action

Easy up, down fast

Designed on the North Shore, precision machined in Whistler BC, Canada. Tested on the rowdiest dirt on the planet.

Hand assembled in-house (literally). One by One.

Compatible with YOUR seatpost

SwitchGrades are compatible with a wide range of dropper posts and fixed seatposts, featuring a unique patent-pending design engineered to accommodate long, mid, and short posthead styles.

Designed from the get-go to be compatible with the most popular OEM and aftermarket seatposts including:

- OneUp Components (V2 and V1)

- Fox Transfer (2021 and 2019 model)

- Rockshox Reverb Stealth

- BikeYoke Revive (NEW!)

- PNW Loam

- X Fusion Manic

- SDG Tellis

- Bontrager Drop Line

- Many more...

Be sure to check the Compatibility Guide to ensure your seatpost is compatible with a SwitchGrade.

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