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Such an awesome device

Holy macaroni. I just wrote to Noel what kind of problems switchgrade solved for me. And by reading the reviews I see I'm absolutely NOT unique. So just like other people wrote. Back muscles are inactive even when riding something like 15% fire road. The handlebar when riding steep mountain is suddenly doing its job (which is steering) because it's not used to save myself from sliding back. So more control, less pain and my multi hour rides in Alps are gonna be MUCH more fun from now on. Already ordered 2nd one for my Giant. It came out that Type 5 is basically the same as Type 2 which is compatible with my favorite KS droppers. So I'm future proof in case Giant's dropper breaks. Thanks for such a great device. Here in the Alps it's really equally or maybe even more important than a dropper. And I only described half of the product (nose down). Nose up is something I'll be definitely using in bike parks as soon as they open here. Nice!

Game changer

Ok.. so I gave this thing about 2 months of riding to give a fair review.

Installed this on a Bike Yoke equipped Nukeproof Giga. On long climbs, its saved my back from the post ride soreness I usually get. On the descents, I wished the saddle could tilt just a touch more.

Too early to report reliability wise, but in the mud, a quick blast of water post ride is all thats needed to keep it functioning.

Luc Bedard chevrier
What is that voodoo magic?!

Expensive, but worth the price. Awesome for long climbs. It puts you in a better position, so you save energy by not having to constantly push/pull on your handlebar and by pedaling way more efficiently. Way more comfortable for the lower back.
Also, you always keep your traction at the maximum. You know that feeling of needing to stand up on a steep section but losing all traction because there is no more weight on the saddle--> well this no longer exist. I recommend it for intermediate and advanced mtbiker (people who understand the importance of their weight ditribution vs stability/traction/frontwheel lift and wandering.

Giuseppe Marsanasco
First impressions

I was able to test the SwitchGrade in two trails. During a long climb of about two hours of medium slope (about 15%) I was able to alternate the two positions (0 degrees and -10 degrees). This allowed me to relax my lower back muscles. Downhill it is nice to have the possibility to set a positive angle, this leaves more room for the movements of disarticulation between the body and the bike.

Marco Colicchia
A Magic Carpet for My Ass!

This is undoubtedly one of the best bike gear so far since the introduction of the dropper post.
The pieces are beautifully machined and the installation is straightforward.
I've installed mine (V3) on the new FOX Transfer and it's perfect.
It works smoothly with a rock solid action.
Best Buy!

Marco from Italy

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