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2022 "Innovation of the Year" Nominee - Pinkbike



Introducing the SwitchGrade Saddle Adjuster

The SwitchGrade‚ĄĘ is a game-changing new bike component that lets riders adjust saddle tilt, effective seat angle, and offset on the fly.

3 positions optimized for climbing, descending, and undulating terrain.

Tilt forward to flatten your saddle on climbs for greater leverage, efficiency, and a pain-free experience. Then rotate the saddle back and out of the way for increased clearance, control, and safety on descents.

Designed on the North Shore, precision machined in Whistler, hand-assembled by riders. Engineered to withstand the world's most demanding terrain. Patent Pending.

"I used to have lower back pain and they are completely gone" - Yoann Barelli

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Top 10 Benefits of Using a SwitchGrade

Ok we lied, there's more than 10.


1. Increase power, efficiency, and comfort when climbing

2. Tilt the saddle out of the way for descending to save your privates and steer with precision

3. Reduce lower back pain by riding in upright position

4. Reduce groin discomfort and numb sensitive parts

5. Eliminate wrist and shoulder strain from too-steep seat tube angles

6. Prevent front wheel lifts when climbing

7. Stop sliding off rear of saddle when climbing

8. Increase rear wheel traction when climbing

9. More room to maneuver when descending or jumping

10. Win enduro races and buddy bragging rights. Tilt down for climbing to save energy, tilt up when descending for more room

11. Pain-free climbing for female riders - no longer need to sit on the saddle nose

12. Relief for taller riders - stop moving further back over the rear axle and slackening effective seat angle

13. More clearance for shorter riders - add more clearance between rider and saddle when descending

14. Make slack seat tube angles steeper (when needed) - make older and slack STA bikes better climbers

15. Climb e-MTB on even steeper slopes while seated - zero wheelies

16. 3 bikes in one - goat climber, hard charging enduro, bikepacking camel at the flick of a switch

17. Fix "bad climbing bike" traits like low anti-squat, outdated suspension design, bobbing, and slack seat tube angle

18. Gives bike manufacturers one less geometry to design around. SwitchGrade takes care of cockpit related angles

19. DH-style saddle tilt makes your bike look dope in photos

20. Variable positions means long-distance comfort for bikepacking, adventure touring, and ultra endurance events

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